New skirt!

I was going to make one gigantic post this evening, but decided it would be better to split it up.  I mentioned last night that I sewed a skirt, and now I want to show it off!

I used this well-written tutorial, and I had a fun skirt in under two hours!  Now, I know it’s a bit short, and that’s because I had less of this fabric than I realized.  In fact, that strip of lace is only there to cover the fact that I had to join two fabric panels in order to make this work!  I like the feminine touch, though, so it’s okay.  I wanted to make a skirt that was work-appropriate; however, given its length, this skirt will be left for the weekends!  Although my intention was a high-waisted skirt, I think that once I lose more weight, it will sit further down on my body and possibly be the perfect length.  (Oh, and speaking of the weight loss, I am definitely back on track.  Woohoo!)  Here’s what I wore with it, just to try it out around the house:

I love these shoes.  I’ve worn them about .5 times since I bought them, though.  They wouldn’t be comfortable for work, and they’re definitely not comfortable for shopping.  They are the perfect shoes for getting dressed up and going to dinner, or something.  Maybe I’ll be brave and attempt to wear them for more than an hour sometime soon.  I mean, look at them:

Mmm. Delicious.

They definitely deserve more wear.  The fun little bangles and the blingy ring are compliments of my friend Caroline, so I think of her whenever I wear them, and that always makes me happy. Isn’t that ring lovely and Art Deco-y?

As I said, I’ve been crafting quite a bit lately, and just generally decorating our new house.  I focused on the bathroom this weekend.  For a small, old house, I have an awfully large bathroom, and I’m kind of making it my own personal dressing room.  Thankfully, I have a husband who indulges me, haha.  I hope to get more pictures of the fun little touches I’m adding to our space, but for tonight, I wanted to include my scarf display:

Ooh, colors!

Our bathroom has so many towel racks, so I just decided to make the one right next to the dresser a scarf display.  As you can see, I have a lot of scarves, and I think that 90% of them were probably purchased just within the last year.  I started really loving them, and then finding them everywhere for really cheap (like $1-$5), and so my collection just grew.

I’m trying my best to have my accessories (jewelry, headbands, scarves, etc.) displayed in my dressing area, so that I will actually remember to wear them when I’m putting an outfit together.  I’m terrible about relying on the same few accessories over and over again, while leaving some pieces completely untouched.  Plus, I just think all of that stuff looks pretty when it’s on display.

Well, then.  I think that’s just about it for tonight.  Sleep well!


One response to “New skirt!

  1. Eee yay I’m glad the tutorial worked! It was nice to have some feedback on it :).

    I hate the fact that the most gorgeous shoes are always the most painful ones – I have several pairs that just don’t get worn because theyre too uncomfortable/downright dangerous hehe.

    Loving your scarf display!


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