What I Wore

So I have discovered that my pictures were messed up because of my card reader.  When I use a cable to transfer them, they’re fine. So..outfit post!  Here’s what I wore today:

It’s amazing how photographing your outfits can really change how you look at them.  In retrospect, I really wish I would have worn a slight heel with this outfit in order to elongate my legs more.  I do really like the color combinations I chose, though.  This cardigan is from New York & Co., and when I first saw them in stores a few months ago, I fell in love.  I really wanted green or pink or some other color, but by the time they were on sale, orange was all that was left (in anything other than an XS, that is).  So orange it was!  I do like the brightness of it.  I’ve only worn it twice, but both times, I’ve paired it with these navy pants.  I’m afraid of putting it with black and looking like a jack-o’-lantern!

Here’s a closer look at my accessories:

I wore this scarf over my coat, so it’s not in my outfit pictures.  I made it several days ago, and I love it.  My inspiration came from this fabulous blog, so thanks to blogger Disney for that!  I’ve also been seeing such beautiful flower embellishments everywhere that I just had to try my hand at that, as well.  These pins are made from some old gold fabric and faux pearls from my stash.  And although I wish I’d worn heels today, it doesn’t stop me from loving these shoes that I got on clearance from American Eagle a while back.  But what’s that in the lower right-hand corner?  Let’s take a look:

Why, it’s the signet ring I wore in this post! Only now, you can actually see it, thanks to my new camera!  Again, I love this ring.  And I love these owl earrings!  I couldn’t find them for a while, and I’m so excited to be wearing them again.  I really love owls.

And here’s my hair and makeup for the day:

Pretty simple.  I mainly just wanted thick black eyeliner to give me a sort of doe-eyed look.

Here’s the breakdown:

  • Blouse, TJ Maxx
  • Cardigan, New York & Co.
  • Vest, Forever 21
  • Pants, New York & Co. (I think I got these for, like, $1.95!)
  • Shoes, American Eagle Outfitters
  • Knitted bangles, Old Navy
  • Awesome-looking ponytail holder on my wrist that I forgot to take off for pictures, Wal*Mart
  • Antique signet ring, Nan-Nan
  • Owly earrings, Target
  • Scarf, crafted

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