What I Wore

So here was the look for today:

Trying out larger pictures again. Can't decide which size I like best.

I built this outfit around the shoes, which I got a few weeks ago and hadn’t had a chance to wear.  Last night, I realized that I had a top that was almost exactly the same color, and so the idea for the outfit was born.  I realize that I play it pretty safe in terms of colors and patterns, but that’s one of the things I’m hoping to gain from this blog: the ability to play with fun prints and hues and not look like a clown.  Thankfully, there are many stylish ladies out there who blog about their fashion adventures, and I’m learning.

I haven’t been taking photographs of my handbags in my work outfit posts, but I probably should.  When I’m at work, my bag just sits under my desk all day and doesn’t really function as a part of my ensemble.  In fact, I don’t put much thought into my bag selection when I’m going to work.  However, for the past couple days I’ve been carrying this laptop bag, and I thought I’d include it in my accessories picture.  I like the red with the teal!

My accessories were very much in keeping with the gray/black/teal theme of my outfit.

Here’s the lowdown:

  • Top, Charlotte Russe
  • Sweater, TJ Maxx
  • Skirt, New York & Co.
  • Tights, Old Navy
  • Shoes, Gabriel Brothers
  • Bag, Target
  • Bangles, gift from Caroline
  • Necklace, Target
  • Silver ring, Charlotte Russe
  • London blue topaz ring, Ebay (elements bought separately, then put together by me)
  • Pearl earrings, gift from my stepdad

So that’s it!  Have a fabulous evening (you know, assuming you live in/around my time zone)!


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