What I Wore

You know those mornings when it’s cold and you’re tired and you just want to stay cuddled up with your husband and your kitties in bed? That was me this morning. I’ve been running on too little sleep, for no other reason but that some nights, I just can’t convince myself to go to bed. I value my free time in the evenings so much that it’s hard to sacrifice hours of consciousness for the sake of a good night’s sleep. I’ve been getting about six hours, which isn’t terrible, but it just doesn’t seem to be enough for me.

Today, my outfit was largely put together to fulfill my priorities at 7:00 this morning: to be comfortable, and to be warm.  The warmth is a big deal; my office has been absolutely FREEZING lately. Yesterday evening, when I was thinking about today’s outfit, I had every intention to try a new color combination, or a funky accessory, or a shoe that I normally wouldn’t wear to work. As I mentioned yesterday, I want to make more daring choices. However, my needs for comfort and warmth overshadowed my need to be fabulous, and I took refuge in soft, layered pieces.

The blouse is snuggly flannel, and I added a cami with some tuxedo detailing underneath to add a little interest. The grandpa cardigan lent even more warmth (yay!). I also threw on a pair of thick tights under my pants. These pants are stretchy and have an elastic waistband (I know, horrible, right?), so they’re very comfy.

This isn’t a thrilling outfit, but it looked professional and felt like pajamas, and I’m okay with that!


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