What I Wore

Here’s what I wore for an extremely hectic Monday:

I normally think of this as a summer dress, but last night I had the idea of wearing it with tights and this blazer.  I think it works well enough for winter.  Oh, and these pictures were taken at about 8pm, after I’d walked in from a bizarre, sudden sleet storm, so if I look a little defeated, that’s why.

Confession:  I didn’t wear these shoes for the whole day.  On a normal day, I could have, but I was on my feet so much this morning that they got traded for a pair of flats before noon.  I love these shoes, though.  I stalked them for months at Target before finally buying them on clearance.  I made the pendant out of clay, paint, and some glaze, and I wore it this morning without the glaze being fully cured.  It still made it through the day!  I love monograms, and I get excited anytime I can wear personalized jewelry.

  • Dress, Gabriel Brothers
  • Blazer, Gadzooks (this blazer is several years old…Gadzooks doesn’t even exist anymore!)
  • Knit bangles, Old Navy
  • Shoes, Target
  • Tights, Wal*Mart
  • Initial necklace, made by me!

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