What I Wore

This was not the most planned-out ensemble.  I’ve really been wanting to do a pairing of navy and pink, since I love that combination, but this morning I decided that this lavender top might look nice with my navy pants.  I think I like it, and I got lots of compliments today.  I think people are just ready for spring!

These pants are such a weird length.  Every time I wear them, I think they would look nicer with some heels, but then I try that and they are way too short.  So here they are with flats and some socks that I’m not sure I’m loving in retrospect.

They really are very pretty socks, with a nice sheen and detailing.  As weird as it sounds, I’m starting to really kind of love socks.  I see pretty ones and want to find ways to work them into my outfits.  Is that strange?

No detail pictures tonight.  I feel like you’ve seen most of this already.

  • Top, New York & Company
  • Pants, New York & Company
  • Sweater, Cable & Gauge via Gabriel Brothers (same as Sunday)
  • Socks, Kensie vie Gabriel Brothers
  • Shoes, Payless
  • Earrings, Forever 21
  • Bracelet, given to me by Nan-Nan
  • Ring, Central Park vendor

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