What I Wore

Friday!  Yay!  This week has been so hectic, and I’m pleased as punch to be sitting on my couch this fine Friday evening with the weekend stretching out in front of me.

Who wants to play "Spot Aurora"?

I like this outfit.  I feel good in it.  It’s casual, yet professional, and it has a nice bit of color going for it.

I don’t like that my pant leg is hitched up in this picture, but I do like that you can see my fabulous socks!  I feel like I pulled off the fun socks thing today.  I also rocked a reddish lip.  I felt bright and pretty today.  I wish my photos reflected a bit more exuberance!

  • Blouse, Rue 21
  • Blazer, Wal*Mart
  • Jeans, Wal*Mart (I did not realize until I typed this that the majority of my outfit today was from Wal*Mart.)
  • Socks, Gabriel Brothers
  • Shoes, Nine West via TJ Maxx
  • Necklace, Miley Cyrus & Max Azria, Wal*Mart (Oh my. Oh well!)

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