The Return of an Old Favorite

I am behind on posting because for some reason my laptop won’t pick up our wireless network all of a sudden.  So I have to plug my computer in and sit down on the floor, and that is just not my favorite way to be online.  But I have some fun pictures from Sunday!

It’s been snowing like crazy, but we were able to make it to church on Sunday, and this is what I wore.  I got these mustard tights at New York & Company on super-clearance, and I was pretty unsure how I would wear them.  But this weekend, I found this sweater (the Old Favorite from the title, purchased at Gadzooks circa 2005 – and yes, I’m still unpacking from the move – lots of my wardrobe is still boxed up!) and decided that mustard and plum would go nicely together.  Then I threw in the mustard bag and bangle, and this awesome scarf that I found a while back.  All the yellow might be too matchy, but I have a hard time stopping myself if I happen to have several items in the same color.  Mustard is a color I would never have considered wearing a couple years ago, but now I love it and can’t seem to get enough.

I have to say, I love this outfit.  This is a risk I might not have taken before I started this blog, but I felt pretty and confident. (Daniel did make one Oompa Loompa comment, but then took it back and said he liked the tights, hehe.)

Look at the trees behind me!

Wearing peep-toes in the snow is really a very smart thing to do.

Daniel wanted his picture taken, too!  Our backyard is really quite lovely when it’s covered in snow.

We were freezing by this point.  Daniel’s such a good sport to take pictures for me out in the cold.

Enjoy these peaceful winter days!


One response to “The Return of an Old Favorite

  1. Beautiful outfit. I wouldn’t have the confidence to wear those mustard thighs but they work very well with the rest of the outfit and I don’t think there is too much yellow going on.It may be one of my favourites.
    Just a question, how do peep-toes in the snow are a good idea??? 😉

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