Valentines and Wedding Bells

Well, this past weekend was FABULOUS.  My friend Jane got married, and in addition to the lovely wedding, I also got to spend time with several of my friends from college.  I’d really missed everyone, and it felt great to catch up.

I had so much anxiety about what to wear to this wedding.  Sometimes it’s hard to know what’s appropriate, especially when the event is a winter wedding.  Conventional wisdom always says to stay away from black and white at weddings, so I tried to steer clear of both of those colors, even though I tried on a cream-colored dress that I LOVED.  I settled on this floral print, and wouldn’t you know it, 90% of the people there were wearing black and looking classy.  Oh, well. Dare to be different.

New background! Our hotel room.

This felt fine and pretty for a winter afternoon wedding.

This was in the evening, after I had brushed out my hair.

All in all, it was a great Valentine’s Day weekend.  I got to see my friends and also spend some quality time with my husband.  Pretty perfect in my book!


One response to “Valentines and Wedding Bells

  1. Hi, thank you for your comments.
    Sometimes you really have to dare to be diferent.
    I think you look lovely and in the end the important is that you had a good time.

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