Flower Power

While I love the snow and think it’s beautiful, I think I’ve been coming down with a bit of spring fever.  Specifically, I just can’t seem to get enough flowers in my life.  On Wednesday, after a conference in a different city, I headed to the mall.  I bought two t-shirts, a cardigan, and some jewelry, and each item features a floral motif.  I did also buy one cardigan that has more of a nautical theme, but other than that, it was flowers all the way.

Quick aside: There are, sadly, no pictures of my conference outfit, though I think it was really cute.  I was rear-ended on the way home, and it was a long, crazy, evening, and so by the time I got home I was just tired and wilted.  Here’s a picture I did take, pre-accident, so you can kind of see what I’m wearing:

That's a new dress, and a flower pin that I made myself!

So anyway, here’s yesterday’s work outfit:

Closeup of the sweet rosebud print of this cardigan, my self-made earrings, and the cute new bracelet I got at Aerie.

Not a perfect outfit, but I just love this little cardigan so much.  It feels like flannel.

More of my floral inspiration:

The lovely flowers my stepdad got me for Valentine's Day. This picture was taken last night, and they still look amazing!

The beautiful hydrangeas I saw in the grocery store. Someday, I want my yard to be bursting with these.

Do you have spring fever, too?


One response to “Flower Power

  1. Yes, spring fever, I do have it, big time. And once upon a time I was also a flower power kind of girl.Flowers are beautiful, what can I say…
    Those hydrangeas are beautiful, I think hydrangeas might be my favourite flowers althoug I’m partial to the blue ones.

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