All day today, I haven’t been too sure about this outfit.  It just seemed sort of blah. But now, sorting through my pictures, I’ve realized I like it much more than I thought I did.

This skirt was so cheap.  Like, maybe $1.00 at Old Navy?  I can’t remember exactly.  And I can’t help but keep going back to this sweater.  It just feels right over almost everything.  If you haven’t figured it out by now, I’m a girl who loves to throw a sweater over pretty much anything.

Please note that these are not the shoes I wore for the majority of the day.  These are my new loafers, and while I love them very much, I wore my new brown oxford pumps to get me through the workday.  They are a bit uncomfortable, though, and so I switched before running errands and forgot to switch back for the pictures.  Hopefully you’ll see the oxfords soon.  (If you’re wondering about the influx of new shoes, I spent some of my Christmas money on three nice, versatile pairs: brown leather loafer pumps, brown leather oxford pumps, and my black leather t-strap pumps.)

Have a happy Wednesday evening!  Stay warm!

One response to “Evergreen

  1. I like your skirt. Will it be appropriate for spring time?You could pair it with so many nice colors.

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