Food, Glorious Food

The majority of my posts focus on fashion and style, but from the beginning, I’ve wanted to also feature crafts, food, decor, and other passions of mine that I feel make my life just a bit more luxurious.  So I thought maybe tonight I’d show you a few dishes I’ve whipped up recently.

You know about the weight loss plan already, but you don’t know what I’m doing to try and lose weight.  Without getting into it too deeply, I’ll say that Daniel and I are just really trying to watch our carbs and get lots of protein and veggies.

Here we have the delicious spinach salad that I made as our last meal before the 30-hour famine.  Eggs and bacon with a delicious homemade Parmesan dressing and fresh mozzarella.  Yum.  It was extremely filling!

This pizza’s crust was made with a recipe found here.  It’s so good to find recipes that let you eat your favorite foods without totally messing up your diet.

And here we have some lovely tilapia and asparagus with carbonara.  I’m a pasta-eatin’ girl, so whenever I find a way to enjoy a favorite pasta sauce without the carbs, I’m excited.

And that’s it for now!  Just wanted to show you a bit of what’s been going on in my kitchen.


One response to “Food, Glorious Food

  1. That pizza looks delicious, I actually felt like going out and buy one, but it was snowing 😉

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