Playing with colors and patterns, plus a new haircut!

So, yesterday I went out on a limb.  I built my whole outfit around my new necklace, and I tried some combinations I’m not sure I would have before I started reading fashion and style blogs. 

I had considered pairing the coral with a number of colors, but finally decided on this lavender blouse.  (I’m not wild about the cami I’m wearing under the blouse, but when you move around a bunch at work, you don’t want to have to worry if you’re accidently showing some skin because your blouse cuts up higher on the sides.)  I think I like the way the coral accessories pop against the other colors in this outfit.

Here, you can see the subtle pinstriping of the blouse.  I felt pretty and confident yesterday, and it turns out people just love a pair of colorful flats.  I got several compliments on mine.

And yes, I got a haircut.  I’m just not sure yet what I think of it.

My main complaint going into the salon was that my hair felt heavy and flat, and it needed a little perking up.  I also made sure to tell the girl (no, I don’t have a regular stylist – hopefully someday I will find one!) that I am working on growing it out.  We decided together on a few new, shorter layers, but I think I was just surprised with how much hair she cut.  It seemed like she was taking so much off!  Now, I seem to have more volume on the top, which is what I wanted, but not much on the sides…but I confess that I haven’t really taken the time to style my hair since the cut.  I need to really work with it over the next few days to determine how it’s best worn.


One response to “Playing with colors and patterns, plus a new haircut!

  1. I love this outfit. The colors are wonderful and the scarf/belt is such a fabulous touch.

    I’m always so excited when I’ve been inspired by something I’ve seen on a fashion blog and try it out myself.

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