Here’s what I wore yesterday.

I originally had on a sassy, wide belt with this ensemble, but I decided it was uncomfortable, I wasn’t sure if it looked right, and I wasn’t up for wearing it all day.  I was craving comfort once again.  I think I’ve decided that this dress needs to lose a few inches from the hem.  The length is awkward, and I feel my legs would be better served by a higher hemline.  This blog is so helpful; when I photograph and evaluate my outfits, I can see things I never would have seen otherwise.

Not much to see here in terms of accessories.  I’m wearing the diamond cross pendant my parents gave to me on my 16th birthday – always a favorite piece.  Sometimes I don’t feel like picking out statement pieces of jewelry, so I rely on old, comfortable classics: this necklace, my pearl earrings and ring, and other jewelry that I’ve generally received as gifts.  They may not add much to my outfit, but they’re such a part of me, and definitely well-loved.

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