Fashion Crime

I know that horizontal stripes are a no-no.  We’ve all heard that, right?  For all of our lives?  Well, I’m committing a fashion crime today.  I’m wearing horizontal stripes, and I’m not even breaking them up with vertical lines.

(It’s warm enough for outside pictures – yay!  But this is blurry for some reason – boo.)  I could have added another layer to this to offset the stripes a bit, but I like the sleeves on this little cardigan, and I just wanted to wear it by itself.  I love layers, but today was so sunny and pretty, and I wanted to dress more for spring than for winter.  The cardigan has a bit of a nautical feel, so I paired it with navy trousers, and I belted it to add visual interest.  I’m excited to try different ways of styling this piece.  I think it has lots of potential!

I’m trying to wear bright lipcolor more often, andI always love the look of pale eyeshadow, winged eyeliner, and bold lips.  It feels so pinup to me.  (Daniel is only cropped out of this picture because we took it of ourselves (obviously) and only got part of his face, anyway.)

Happy happy Friday!


One response to “Fashion Crime

  1. Some say it’s not exactly the stripes but how they are spaced that makes the diference.
    Those ones look nice on you.

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