He Wears His Sunglasses at Night

Happy Sunday!  Daniel and I went to Goodwill yesterday and did a bit of thrifting.  I found a dress and some shoes (which you’ll see soon!) and he found a pair of big ol’ sunglasses for $2 and thought it would be funny to buy them and take lots of pictures.  He was right.

You can also see that Daniel is sporting a moustache in observation of Moustache March. He looks like a cop from 1985 in this picture.

In this picture, you can also see the "I've been Krogering!" smiley face sticker on my pants. Hey, when you spend your Saturday evening at the grocery store, you have to find some way to entertain yourself.

Yesterday was sunny and not terribly cold, and I wanted to look nice and springy and casual.

I threw a bunch of colors into this outfit.  My bag is patchwork, my top has corals, greens, blues, and yellows, and the belt is red, pink, orange, and white.  I mainly accessorized with shades of blue and coral.  Even though there are so many colors going on here, I think it works because it’s all anchored by neutrals: dark denim and tan.  I don’t feel like I looked like a rainbow (which I have been guilty of in the past – I can remember one particular outfit in high school that consisted of tons of colors haphazardly thrown together – but alas, there’s no photographic evidence of this).

The forlorn look on my face was supposed to say "Pity me, for I've fallen in love with a rogueish, moustachioed man, and I can't help myself," but I'm not sure it does. Plus, Daniel is smiling, so he doesn't look very much like a cad.

Have a happy Sunday!  Don’t forget to wear your sunglasses!


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