I’m over a week behind with posting.  One of my cats decided it would be fun to chew on my camera cord while I was out of the room for five minutes, and now the cord doesn’t work.  My SD card reader has been messed up for a while, as well, so the only option I had to upload pictures was to first put them on Daniel’s computer, then transfer them via USB to mine, and I’ve just been too lazy to do that.  But anyway, I have taken pictures this week, so I’m going to post several days’ worth of outfits in this one post.

Sunday’s look:

Look at that blue sky!

I love the shade of this cardigan.  Those shoes are ones I thrifted last Saturday at Goodwill.

Monday’s outfit is missing, because I went to an exercise class (yay me!) after work and didn’t get pictures beforehand, and didn’t feel like changing back into my nice clothes when I was all sweaty and gross.  On to Tuesday!

I like the springy feel of this scarf.  I’m easing back into warmer weather by choosing lighter fabrics.  Wednesday was another workout class, so no outfit pictures.  If I start going to the class consistently, I need to start taking pics in the morning.  I don’t like skipping days!  Here’s Thursday:

Not sure if you can tell, but I’m wearing black lace tights over plum ones.  I also decided to wear my hair up, which is something I almost never do.

No pictures from Friday, and none from yesterday, because I spent the day just lounging about the house.  Here’s today’s casual look.

So that’s my week in pictures.  Speaking of pictures, I need some advice.  I’m having a hard time getting my pictures to turn out well.  Sometimes they look great, and sometimes they are blurry, and sometimes the colors are extremely washed out and dull.  I’m not sure if this is because Daniel and I aren’t experienced at taking pictures, or because we haven’t learned our new camera settings well enough, or because I just really need to learn how to use photo editing software.  My camera is a Nikon Coolpix L20, for reference.  I’d really love to learn how to take good pictures and edit them so that they look great.  If anyone has suggestions, I’d love to hear them!

One response to “Mega-Post!

  1. Nice week of outfits. I especially like the second and the last one, maybe because they are more springy:)
    I hve to make a mega post of my own…

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