Let’s Gooooo Mountaineers!

In honor of our state university (and my alma mater!) making it to the NCAA Championship, my place of work sponsored a “Mountaineer Gear” competition to see who could most outrageously dress in the school’s blue and gold.  Since you know I love outrageous theme dressing, I was in.  Here was my entry.

I honestly figured some of my die-hard WVU fan coworkers would bring it today with layer upon layer of Mountaineer stuff (hoodies, pajama pants, hats, scarves, etc.).  I considered my ensemble just a fun bit of participation, with no intent of actually being in the running for the prize.  But it turns out that most people just opted for jeans and Mountaineer t-shirts today, and it became evident after 10 minutes at work that I was the most gold-and-blue person there.  I won!  My prize is a movie pass. 🙂

My concern now is that these tights will never again be taken seriously when I try to wear them in a normal outfit.  Tights like these are a risk anyway, and now I’m afraid people will remember them for being part of my silly WVU outfit.  Oh, well.  The weather’s getting so nice that it’s nearly time to retire all of my tights till the fall, so maybe by then people will forget.  And if they don’t, I’ll rock them anyway.

Here is the result of chopping into my bangs again last night.  I also decided to use my curling iron today.  I think I like the bangs, especially parted on the side like this, but time will tell if I need to keep tweaking them (or if I need to head into the salon!).

Have a glorious Friday evening!


One response to “Let’s Gooooo Mountaineers!

  1. By winter people will have forgotten the thights. But I like the yellow/blue combo on you. Maybe a little bit less 😉
    yay for the prize 🙂

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