On Sunday, I wore the embellished cardigan I mentioned making.  I also brought out the espadrilles!  Maybe it’s a bit too early for them, but I was excited.  Yay for spring!

I was going to do a tutorial for the cardigan, but when I make things, I am incredibly impatient.  I have trouble stopping at every step to photograph the process.  This sweater used to be one of my absolute favorite items in my wardrobe.  It was soft and pink and felt so nicely preppy, and I even wore it for some of my senior pictures.  However, it shrunk up and became too short quite a while ago, and that, coupled with my weight gain, meant that it was past its prime, but I couldn’t stand to get rid of it.  For some reason, I really loved that sweater.  I decided to give it new life by chopping it up, and I’m quite happy with it!  I’m excited to find ways to style it.

I was going to post about today’s outfit today, too, but I am about to fall asleep while typing.  Today’s ensemble will have to wait till tomorrow. 🙂

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