One Dress, Two Ways

Hello all!  First of all, let me say that I’m really sorry about the lack of posts.  I know that long, unexplained absences are probably the least desirable quality in a blogger.  I took a trip to Miami, and it was fabulous, but for safety reasons, I didn’t necessarily want to broadcast that to the whole world via the internet.  (And no, I wasn’t in Miami the whole time, but planning for and recovering from my trip took about as much energy as the trip itself!)  But anyway, now I’m back, and I’m looking forward to getting back to regular posting.

I’ve taken outfit pictures pretty regularly, but instead of doing a huge post to catch you all up on what I’ve been wearing, I’m just going to start fresh and post the results of a fun, self-imposed mini challenge.  I bought this dress in Miami (though just at Forever 21, so it’s nothing super-special or rare, but I like it), and this past weekend, I challenged myself to make it work in a rock-n’-roll way for Saturday night, and in a sweet way for church on Sunday morning.  Let’s see how I did!

So for Saturday, I paired the dress with black and grey t-straps, a metallic clutch, heavy chains, a wide belt, and my fave navy blazer.  I also went for smoky eyes and big hair, though things like that always look so dramatic to me in the mirror, and then hardly show up in pictures.  I need to get a little more heavy-handed with the eyeliner and the teasing comb if I want the Bardot look, I guess.

On Sunday, I went for a sweeter look, with feminine makeup and hair, a slimmer belt, and a cardigan.

I’m happy with the dress both ways.  I love how the floral print really lends itself to multiple looks.  At one point on Saturday, I threw on a pair of slim, dark jeans under the dress (it was pretty chilly, and that dress is shorter than I realized), and I even liked the dress like that.  When it’s summer (and my arms are toned), I’ll wear it without a layer on top so that its ruffles can be put on display.  I’m really learning to stretch my wardrobe.  A few years ago, I would buy a dress and see it one way only – “Okay, this dress goes with these shoes and this bag and this sweater” – and I would never really change it up.  Now I’m excited to mix and match my pieces to create fun, varied ensembles.

Stay tuned!  I don’t plan on disappearing again for a while.


One response to “One Dress, Two Ways

  1. I really like the second look. It’s definitely, a look I would be rocking 🙂

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