What’s black and white and red all over?

In pretty much every one of the pictures Daniel took of me last Tuesday, I am making a goofy face.  He kept making fun of me for it.  When I looked through the pictures afterward, it turned out that the best one of the outfit was actually one with a goofy face, so I just decided to go with it.  Here I am, biting my lip (which is my habit) while waiting for Daniel to take my picture.

I was pretty pleased with myself for putting this outfit together, since it features three (three!) unique patterns:  two different floral prints, plus polka dots.  Sometimes I issue mini-challenges to myself and see if I can pull them off (like my One Dress, Two Ways post).  Polyvore is actually extremely helpful when I’m putting outfits together, and Tuesday’s outfit was born out of playing around with combinations on Monday night.  I can work with colors, textures, and proportions, and I can translate the looks I create on Polyvore to my real-life wardrobe.  Anyone else use a tool like Polyvore to help you pull outfits together?

(Side note:  Sadly, the headband did not make it through the day with me.  I took it off before I’d even worn it for an hour because it was giving me a headache.)


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