Treasure(d) Chest

I’m still dressing my best, and I’m enjoying the challenge.  So far, I’ve dressed my hips and my waist.  Yesterday, I shifted focus to the upper half of my body, and I concentrated on dressing my neck/chest/shoulder region (is there a singular word that covers all of that?)

I chose a dress with a deep V-neck to showcase my chest and neck.  Perhaps I would have further directed attention to my upper half had I covered my legs, but Daniel and I were headed to my parents’ house for a casual dinner, and the evening was so warm and lovely that an easy summer dress seemed perfect.

This area of my body has been a favorite of mine for a long time.  I love its planes and curves; I love the way the light plays off my collarbone; I love how the bones and tendons under the skin create such fluid, graceful lines.  Even at my heaviest, when I felt like nothing about my body was worth celebrating, I could dress to show off my neck and chest and feel somewhat good about myself.  I’m blessed to be moderately enough endowed that I can wear revealing necklines without showing too much (unless I want to – it’s all about the undergarments), and I take advantage of that in the summertime.

I got this zebra print dress last Tuesday during my shopping trip for $7.99, and I think it will be fun to find different ways to style it this summer.  The opportunities seem endless!  For its debut, I paired it with gold accessories, and it was comfortable and fun and perfect for eating grilled steak and shrimp (yum!).  We had a lovely time.

So which feature will I feature next?  I know the suspense is killing you.


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