Skirting the Issue

Hello!  I’m still here.  I’ve been in an existential blogger funk lately ( “Why does this blog exist?  What is its purpose?”) and I’ve been examining those questions.  I still don’t have it all figured out, but I figure there’s no need to just disappear while I think about it.  Though you’d never guess from the frequency of my posts, I do enjoy blogging, and I want to continue.

So!  To start things off, here’s yesterday’s ensemble.  I wish I had a full-body photo of this outfit, but alas, my photographer zonked out as soon as we got home from church, so all you get are stylish, artsy (ha!) teaser photos.

Yesterday, while getting ready, I thought to myself, “If I were Sophia Loren, and it was 1955, and I intended to spend my day strolling around Rome, arm-in-arm with a dapper gentleman, eating gelato and visiting local markets, what would I wear?”  This (very full, very bright) skirt put me in the mind of Ms. Loren, and I had fun putting the outfit together, even though I know there’s a lot going on here. But I don’t mind taking that risk.  So often, I feel like I am well-accessorized, and then I see pictures and think that I look bland and that I should have added just a touch more.   So I love the busy-ness of this outfit – so fun for a Sunday.

And now, some actual full-body photos from today!  Yesterday after church, my mom and I went shopping, and I snagged what I think is a super-cute outfit, and on clearance, too!

I’ve been looking for a fuller black skirt to pair with t-shirts, mainly, and I really like the shape of this one and the super-wide, stretchy belt that came with it.  I also love this top.  I had no idea I needed a top like this one until I tried it on, and I think it’ll look fabulous with jeans.

I’m a bit frustrated lately because I have been holding steady at this weight for probably two months now, and I desperately want to see the numbers on the scale tick down just a little bit.  It’s hard to stay motivated when you’re seeing no progress.  I’m trying to figure out what I need to do to jump-start my body into burning fat again. It probably involves fun stuff like even more exercise and even less sugar.

This has been all over the place.  I’ve missed posting, can you tell?

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