Pretty petals

When Target released their Liberty of London collection in the spring, I became a little stalkerish.  I’m a sucker for floral prints, and I knew I needed just a bit of this collection.  Daniel and I stopped in to a Target in Miami, and there was a pretty full display of the LOL stuff.  I was surprised; I’ve read that many times, the displays get wiped out the first day a new designer collection is released!  So I chose a few things right then and there (a wallet and a dress), and later, when the collection went on super-clearance, I picked up a few more pieces (some sandals and a scarf).  Since I’ve never shared those items here, I present them to you now, along with some real flowers from my new flowerbeds!

I’m proud of my new plants!

2 responses to “Pretty petals

  1. I’m so jealous! Minus this plant that sits in water on my desk, I have a brown thumb!

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