Keep it cool

I’ve been sewing like crazy this past week.  I’m a sewing machine! (Get it?  You get it.)  I mentioned a few posts ago that I was working on a dress, and I finished it up Friday night, at which point I jumped right into making another dress – and I finished that dress in only a few hours.  I wore the first dress on Saturday to a lovely outdoor wedding, but I didn’t get any pictures.  I debuted the second dress on Sunday at church (with a cardigan, which I removed for these pictures).

Look at Miss Cool Shades. The flowered tote I made goes quite well with this dress!

I love this fabric so much.  It’s a Swiss dot that I got on clearance at JoAnn’s, after nearly giving up on finding anything cute.  I modified New Look 6910, view D, by omitting the pleats in the back (too much volume over my behind!) and making the bodice strapless.  I really like this pattern, but I would suggest making it smaller than you think you need.  Like, way smaller.  The measurements given on the back don’t really seem to be accurate, and I ended up having to take it in a good bit.  The bodice is still a bit too big.  I’m hoping to become an expert on fit and alterations, so that I can make clothes that flatter me perfectly.  It really does make such a difference.

Second-day hair. I got up late and went with what was left over from the wedding. Some days are like that!

I styled this dress pretty casually.  It’s summer, and I love the look of a simple, pretty dress with minimal fuss.  These sandals are getting a bit worn, but I still love them.  I got them at Target four summers ago, and they are the perfect flip-flops – braided leather(ish) straps, bronzey detailing, casual and pretty all at once.  I decided to wear my big ol’ necklace, which looks like strawberry candy, and because I chose to wear that, I forewent belting the dress.  I think that would have just been too much, and I kind of wanted to let the dress stand alone.  I added sunglasses and a homemade bracelet, and I was good to go.

Well, I’m off to my sewing machine.  I have another dress in the works, and about five swimming around in my head.  Let’s see how long this streak lasts!

4 responses to “Keep it cool

  1. That necklace kinda reminds me of the one I’m wearing on the blog today! Go peek.

  2. love that dress xxxx

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