Ready, set…

So, here we go.  30 for 30.  I’m nervous, but excited!

I probably haven’t put as much time into planning this as I should have.  I started over the weekend, doing laundry (laundry that’s been dirty since before we moved in October…oops!) and pulling items from my closet.  I have a few outfits in mind, but honestly, when I look at my rack of clothes, I’m scared.  Did I choose the right things?  Is there any possible way to make 30 outfits out of just these items?  My saving grace, I think, will be the fact that accessories (jewelry, scarves, tights, belts, etc.) are freebies, and those things can really transform an outfit.  Here’s my 30:

Four pairs of shoes...

Ten tops...

A blazer, a vest, and two cardigans...

Five skirts...

Four dresses...

Three pairs of pants.

So there you have it!  I feel ready.  Let’s do this thing!


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