Outfits #2 and #3

Wednesdays are busy for me.  I have work, then I help with a local youth group in the evenings.  Since I didn’t want to wear my work clothes to youth group (it’s pretty informal), I made a second outfit out of my 30.  I don’t think this means I’ll quit the challenge a day early, though.  I’m really excited about stretching my pieces as far as I can.  I guess we’ll see how I feel when I get about halfway through, though.

Here’s my work outfit.  Many thanks to Daniel who agreed to go out into the freezing cold with me (that’s snow in the foreground, not just dust on my lens) and take my pictures.  I was proud of this outfit.  It’s a color combo that I’d never really considered, but it just popped out at me last night when I was planning my ensemble.  And yeah, I’m wearing a camisole that’s not one of my 30, but some things you just have to do for modesty’s sake.

Here’s this evening’s casual combo.  Nothing too crazy, just nice and comfy.

So how are you doing with your 30 items?  I checked out Kendi’s list and I’m excited by how many of us are participating.  Yay for creativity and thrift!

Top outfit:

  • Dress, Target
  • Cardigan, New York & Co. by way of Gabriel Brothers, refashioned from a v-neck sweater
  • Shoes, can’t remember at the moment and don’t want to go check
  • Purse, Target

Bottom outfit:

  • Blouse, Gabriel Brothers
  • Jeans, Old Navy
  • Boots, Chinese Laundry
  • Hat, boutique in Pittsburgh

4 responses to “Outfits #2 and #3

  1. i have that same target dress! almost put it in my 30×30 items, too! great minds think alike, i suppose. also, i have been HUNTING EVERYWHERE for a plaid blouse with a ruffle on it! very jealous!

  2. I love both outfits!

  3. Great plaid and boots combo!

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