Suited Up (Outfit #5)

Today I wanted a menswear-inspired look.  I realized that I could do a fun take on a suit with items in my 30.

I don’t think I ever would have paired these items if not for this challenge.  Even though the outfit is entirely composed of neutrals, I don’t normally mix brown, gray, tan, and khaki.  I like it, though.  I felt pretty clever all day in my 3-piece suit.

So, last night, after browsing the blogs of some lovely, stylish girls, I decided that I once again needed some bangs.  Some blogger bangs.  I went into my bathroom and contemplated for a few minutes before digging through my makeup bag to find the scissors I keep on hand for just such occasions.  And then I totally hacked into my bangs.  I feel kind of bad, because I just got a haircut last week, but I’ve just been so bored with my hair and I phone it in nearly every single day.  Instead of styling the rest of my hair, though, I pulled it into a ponytail.  I slept in too late to really do much else.  Maybe tomorrow I’ll put in a little more effort.

So what about you?  Do you ever just need a change?  Am I alone in reaching for the scissors, or for a box of hair color?

  • Top, New York & Co.
  • Vest, Forever XXI
  • Blazer, New York & Co. via Gabriel Brothers
  • Trousers, New York & Co.
  • Shoes, Alfani ( I took the time to look at them today.)

2 responses to “Suited Up (Outfit #5)

  1. hehe! i recently did the same thing.

    they look cute, you did great!

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