Outfit #6

Yesterday was a pretty great day.  Daniel and I headed to my dad’s house for a big spaghetti dinner with my extended family.  It was the first time we’d all been together since Christmas, and there was lots of good food and conversation.  Here’s what I wore:

I love the combination of this coral sweater with my trusty old plum one.  I blogged about it here almost exactly a year ago.  I’ve had it for over five years, and I keep coming up with ways to wear it so that it feels fresh to me.  I know this would have looked better if I’d worn shoes with a heel, but I knew I’d be spending the most of the evening in my socks anyway, so I didn’t sweat my footwear choice.

I fixed my hair yesterday!  I got tons of compliments, and my stepbrother said that I looked like an oldschool lady rocker.  He assured me that was a compliment.

  • Plum sweater, Gadzooks circa 2005
  • Coral sweater, Forever XXI circa 2009
  • Jeans, Gabriel Brothers
  • Boots, Chinese Laundry

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