Outfit #7

Sundays are generally pretty restful around here.  Right now, Daniel and I are sitting on the couch, watching She-Ra: Princess of Power on Netflix.  We went to church this morning, and we’re headed back at 5 for Bible study before going to my parents’ house (Mom and stepdad) to eat chili and watch the Super Bowl.  So the outfit I’m posting for today is my church outfit, since I plan on spending the rest of the day in yoga pants and a hoodie.

This was thrown together pretty hurriedly this morning.  I just liked the thought of voluminous, doubled-up scarves with a simple silhouette and color palette. The scarves create a nice, long line and focal point, and the aqua tights just make me happy.  Daniel complimented me on this outfit just now, as I was editing the pictures, and it always makes me feel good when he lets me know that he likes something I’ve worn.  (And yeah, I know my slip is totally peeking out from under my hem in these pictures.)

What’s in store for your Sunday evening?

  • Dress, Libertine for Target (I think this was one of the first designer collections they did)
  • Tights, Gabriel Brothers
  • Shoes, TJ Maxx
  • Scarves, Wal*Mart (a couple of years ago, they had a rainbow of scarves for $5 apiece, so I stocked up)
  • Bracelets, Old Navy

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