Outfit #11

Subpar pictures today, since my photographer is working late and I was taking these pictures during the last few minutes of the 9-hour limit these shoes impose on my feet.

Things I learned about this skirt today:

  1. It is prone to ride up.
  2. It is about a size too small.
  3. It has a slit in the back that cuts up a little too high.  But it is also…
  4. Beautiful, or at least I think so, and so I’m sure I’ll keep struggling with it.

For whatever reason, I am having a hard time putting effort into my hair for two days at a time.  The thought of bangs exhausted me today (I have to train myself not to constantly push them aside), and so I just pinned them to the side, like they always told me to do in Seventeen magazine if I wanted to grow out my bangs.  Except I’m not ready to grow these ones out; I just needed them to stay out of my way today.  I seem to be confusing my coworkers, who keep commenting on my disappearing and reappearing fringe. Yesterday, someone (a teenage boy) told me that I’ve “taken 20 years off” by getting bangs.  So either I look 4 now, or I looked 44 before.  It was such a weird, awkward compliment.

Also, I somehow forgot to wear blush today.

  • Sweater, Gadzooks
  • Scarf, Gabriel Brothers
  • Skirt, New York & Company
  • Tights (they’re forest green, honest!), DKNY via Gabriel Brothers
  • Shoes, Alfani

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