The funky, experimental outfit I had envisioned didn’t happen yesterday.  Well, it did, briefly, but when I looked in the mirror I saw that it just did not work.  At all.  So I pulled this together.

Remember the dress that I wore as a skirt?  I wore it as a top yesterday, with my brilliant blue skirt.  Confession:  I did not take outfit pictures yesterday.  I went to a conference.  I had to leave home at 6 am, and after conferencing and shopping and hitting up Wal*Mart, I did not get home till after 9 and I changed immediately into pajamas.  I threw this on again so that I could document it.  I wore black tights with this yesterday, but was too lazy to throw them back on for pictures.  Maybe I should have, though, because LOOK at the sunshine bouncing off my legs!  I seriously had to tone down the brightness of these pictures.  I am currently very, very pale.  But I don’t really mind.  I kind of like the contrast with my black wedges.

I wore the blazer on and off throughout the day.  It was warm outside, but the conference center was freezing!

  • Dress, TJ Maxx
  • Skirt, thrifted, Goodwill
  • Scarf, Wal*Mart
  • Wedges, MaxStudio via TJ Maxx
  • Blazer, New York & Company via Gabriel Brothers

2 responses to “#20

  1. This outfit looks fabulous on you! I am in love with it. Great colors too 🙂

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