I finally found a way to remix this bright top.  Before this challenge, I usually wore it with a cardigan, but I thought outside the box this time and decided to layer under it instead of over.

I think this combination highlights the strengths of both blouses.  When I wear this black top on its own, the interesting collar just blends in with the rest of the top and it doesn’t create much visual interest.  And when I wear a cardigan with this multicolored top, I cover up 75% of its fun shape and color.  Even though this is a pretty basic outfit, I’m so pleased with how it turned out!  The only thing is that these pants are getting too big.  Seriously, guys.  I have tons of room in the thighs of these things.  Don’t get me wrong, that’s a good thing!  I don’t think I’ll stop wearing them yet, though, because I love the color, and because they’re super comfortable.

Flats again today, and probably at least once more this week.  Hair thrown into a ponytail.  I’ve been running around like crazy!

  • Black top, New York & Company
  • Confetti top, Forever XXI
  • Trousers, New York & Company
  • Flats, Forever XXI

God has blessed me by giving me peace.


2 responses to “#24

  1. love this outfit, I need to experiment more with layering.

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