I’ve been so lazy with my post titles during the 30 for 30.  Titles were my weakness throughout my creative writing program, too.  One day my mentor finally told me that “Untitled” is not really an acceptable title for everything you write, and she probably wouldn’t approve of the way I’ve been numbering my recent posts.  Maybe after this challenge is over, I’ll think harder about titles.  I’m expending too much creative energy right now just coming up with my remix outfits.

Obviously, this would have worked better with the black wedges that are also part of my 30, but I have been too lazy for anything other than flats this week.  But I’ll bet that nobody paid attention to my feet because they were too busy looking at my color combo.  I saw these things side-by-side last night and knew I had to wear them together.

Tomorrow is Friday!  Just thought we all might need a reminder.

  • Sweater, Target
  • Blouse, Kohl’s
  • Skirt, thrifted, Goodwill
  • Shoes, Forever XXI
  • Necklace, Miley Cyrus (Wal*Mart), haha
  • Belt, American Eagle

God has blessed me by giving me rest.

3 responses to “#26

  1. I LOVE those shoes, they are so cute!

  2. I love the bold colors and the sliver of neutral with the gingham top. Magenta and blue are so awesome together… 🙂

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