Back to basics

I went for a simple, clean look today.  Neutral and subdued.

It felt so nice to put an outfit together using pieces other than my 30.  These shoes were part of the challenge, but this sweater and these pants have been tucked away for the past month.  The best part?  I bought these pants right before the 30 for 30, and they were uncomfortably tight at the time.  Now, they fit quite well – perhaps even a little loosely.  I’m excited to see what other items in my closet are also fitting better after a month!

This took little to no thought to put together, which was kind of nice after a month of creativity.  Don’t worry, I’ll be back to more exciting combos soon!

  • Sweater, BCBG
  • Trousers, Liz Claiborne
  • Shoes, MaxStudio via TJ Maxx

God has blessed me by keeping me safe.


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