Lindsey’s Guide to Making Good Shopping Decisions

This pretty daffodil has nothing to do with the post, but I have a lovely little patch of them growing in the yard. 🙂

Well hello there.  Thought I’d disappeared?  I’ve been a bit uninspired the past week or so, but that changed after spending an hour playing dress-up in my closet tonight.  I was looking through my dresses, remembering the stories behind them and laughing at myself for the haphazard way I acquire pieces in my wardrobe.  I like to think I’ve recently become a more intentional shopper, but my shopping history is littered with questionable decisions.  I’d like to share with you the tips that have defined my shopping life thus far:

  1. If you love a piece of clothing, and it is on clearance, but they only have it in a size that is not the size you wear, buy it anyway.  (This applies to shoes, as well, as long as they are within one size of what you normally wear.)
  2. If you are shopping at your favorite discount store, and you find a fantastic piece with a minor flaw, buy it anyway.  You can probably fix it.
  3. If a 12 fits, buy a 10.  Or an 8.
  4. If you ever find a bubblegum pink party dress with flowers embroidered in rainbow metallic thread and little faux gold coins along the bust, buy it.  You have to.  This applies to any outlandish/fabulous/rainbow-striped/relatively inexpensive item you run across.
  5. Never buy anything full price.

Yes, you’ll have quite a cohesive, well-fitting, tasteful wardrobe if you follow these simple tips.

Or you will have a hodgepodge of unique, colorful pieces, some of which you can actually wear, and some of which you can’t.

Don’t get me wrong, I have some much-beloved pieces in my wardrobe that were acquired using these techniques, but I realize that I haven’t always been the smartest shopper.  I buy into the fantasy that I will magically lose weight, or have an occasion to wear an over-the-top cocktail dress, and it’s too much to resist sometimes.  The fact that I have consistently bought clothes that I can barely/not at all squeeze into makes me sad, and it says a lot about my body image throughout the years.

But I really can fix most flaws in discount clothes, and I believe in the power of a good sale.  And when I do have a special occasion, or go down a dress size, there are generally fun pieces waiting for me in my very own closet.

These days, I am focusing more on buying classic, versatile pieces that fit well and work with what I already own.  But will I ever totally abandon the wacky impulse buy?  Probably not.

God has blessed me by humbling me.

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