Dress Your Best #2

Another Dress Your Best day. Today, I am celebrating my overall body shape.

One of the reasons I love my shape so much is because it’s like my mom’s. I am of medium height (around 5’6″), and my mom is pretty short (about 5’1″). I look like a giant next to her, not even kidding. And yet our bodies are shaped almost exactly alike. Take my mom, scale her up a bit, and you get me.

Though I am constantly in a state of wanting to shape up and feeling disappointed in my lack of fitness, I think I have a pretty great frame. My wrists and ankles are small. I’m not a classic hourglass, since I’m a bit bigger on the bottom than on the top, but I have a defined waist, and I love to punctuate it with fitted tops, full skirts, and belts.

I love this dress, which I think I will nickname The Poppy Dress. It’s bright, it has a retro feel, and I got it on clearance at Macy’s for something like $13, I think. But the best part is that it fits and flares in all the right places, and I feel amazing in it.

God has blessed me by giving me times of reflection.

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