Learning lessons

If you’d asked me five years ago, or even just one year ago, to predict where I’d be and what I’d be doing in the fall of 2011, I guarantee that my prediction wouldn’t have included living apart from my husband, staying with my aunt and uncle, or being the only one in our marriage earning an income. Now that the dust from moving has settled, I’m looking around in wonder at my new life.
 The strange thing is how happy I am, despite how unorthodox everything is. I love my job. I love my room, which is filled with my favorite objects, the things that comfort me and make me feel at home. Daniel and I talk on Skype every night, which feels like the early days of our relationship, when we were dating long-distance. Obviously, it’s not ideal for us to live apart, but we’ve been together every weekend so far, and the intervening weeks pass quickly. Daniel loves law school and actually seems excited to put in long hours reading cases. Besides a few lonely evenings, things are good.
I don’t fully understand the way God works in our lives, but I do see His hand in our current situation. A year ago, Daniel and I were both plugging along in jobs that weren’t right for us, thankful to be working but stressed to the point of exasperation. We felt like there were really no other options for us. Then, in January, we found out that Daniel was most likely losing his job (through no fault of his own) come June, and it forced us to reexamine everything. After much prayer and discussion, we made the decision to go different directions, and we have found so many blessings along the way: the willingness of our friends and family to supply our needs, the joy of filling our days with things we enjoy, the excitement of being together on a weekend after five days spent apart. I like to think that the sacrifices we’re making now will pay off in a few years, when Daniel is through school and we can live together again and start a family.
I am learning patience. It’s good for me.

One response to “Learning lessons

  1. My hubby and I are living off my income, too, while he goes to school to become a fireman and volunteers as a full time fireman. And I also feel like I never ever see him. Such a crazy adventure! But it sounds like you are seeing it right, in that you are seeing His hand in all things. Keep your chin up girl! You’ll have him home and starting a darling little family in no time.

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