Blank slate.

It’s Sunday evening, and I just made the journey home from my parents’ house. I spent the weekend with family and friends and Daniel, and it doesn’t get much better than that. Normally, I might feel sad about leaving those things behind for the week, but I just had a wash of excitement come over me because I just finished a book that I’d been reading for a while, which frees me up to begin another. I also just finished sewing and crochet projects that had been on my to-do list for a long time (baby gifts for a shower I attended today), and so I’m free to start another project or two. And it’s Sunday night, which means the start of another week tomorrow, and thankfully I’m not clouded by the Sunday night blues, which used to settle in every week.

My mantra these past few weeks has been “Today is a new day.” I’ve seriously written it in my planner each and every day, along with a smiley face. I need that daily reminder.

Tonight, I’m just thankful for the blank slate in front of me.


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