My Friday morning.

I’m off today for Veterans Day, and my Friday morning looks like this:

Good coffee in my cute new mug, my NaNoWriMo project in front of me. I’m nearly 15,000 words in, a little behind schedule, but I think I’ll get caught up today. This afternoon, I’m driving to see my best friend for a much-needed girls’ weekend. It’s a good day.

Do you get a long weekend, too? What are your plans?

(Full disclosure: my plans also include sending Leonardo DiCaprio happy birthday messages telepathically, which I’m pretty sure I’ve done every November 11th for the past thirteen years.)

Happy Veterans Day, and happy Friday!


One response to “My Friday morning.

  1. Shut the front door. It’s Leo’s bday today?! I’m going to see his new movie tonight (J. Edgar). So excited! I’m borderline obsessed with him. Not “I wanna have your babies” obsessed. More like I want to hang out with him and creepily stare at him and ask him questions obsessed. Also, my story failed with NaNoWriMo! BUT… after a long discussion with a writing mentor, which led to my ending of my novel in progress, it led me to a more brilliant and realistic story idea, so that is in the works. I won’t finish in November, but it will give me something more substantial, so it wasn’t a total waste! Can’t wait to hear about yours!

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