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Been a long time…

It’s obviously been very quiet around here.  Life has been…well, life, with all its surprises.

Me with my baby boy. 🙂

Though you wouldn’t know it from the frequency of my posts lately, I do love having this space.  Maybe I’m not cut out to be a terribly consistent blogger, but I enjoy posting and the interactions I am sometimes lucky enough to have with other bloggers.  There are things in my life lately that have taken my attention away from my little corner of the internet, and to get you all nice and updated, here they are, in bullet form (because I like it):

  • Daniel (my husband) is going to law school this fall!  We found out earlier this year that his position was being terminated and that he had a few months to figure out what to do, and so he applied to law school, which he’d been thinking about for years, and he got in!  I’m so excited for him.
  • Work is crazy busy for me right now.
  • I have been sewing dresses like mad, and loving every moment of it.  Except, you know, those moments when I make a mistake and have to get out the seam ripper.  Hopefully I can show you some of my final products soon.
  • We have started riding bikes.  I have started being sore.
  • I have been writing some fiction.
  • Like so many other lovely people out there, I have kicked shampoo to the curb.  This isn’t the first time; I was briefly poo-free in early 2007 and then again last spring, but I’ve never been able to keep it up very long.  I always end up using some product in my hair that I need sulfates to remove.  I’m really trying this time, though.  It’s been a week and a half.  I’m also trying to grow out my hair and transition it back to my natural color (dark blonde).
  • I’m on a mission to become as healthy as possible.  I’m trying to get my diet and exercise routine straightened out, I’m trying to give up pop and other chemical-y stuff, and I’m trying to take vitamins every day like a good girl.  I’m never good at sustaining such things for very long, but I’m definitely trying.
  • I am nerdily being enthralled by Game of Thrones.  Read the series, yo.
Watch for me.  I’ll be back soon. 🙂
God has blessed me by giving me opportunities.

Lucky girl with three new dresses

I have a patient husband, one who indulges me when I ask him to do a photoshoot with me.  A photoshoot that includes props.  And wardrobe changes.  How else was I going to show you the dresses I’ve made?  These are my second, third, and fourth dresses made from a pattern (my first was a few years ago).  I’ve made other dresses just by eyeballing, cutting, and sewing, but most of those haven’t turned out too well.

Late afternoon sunshine.

Yep, you’ve seen this one before, but I decided to throw it in, anyway.

The Dress of Many Alterations.

Here’s the dress that I made and wore to the wedding I attended on Saturday.  Despite taking several pictures, we couldn’t get a good one of me standing up in the dress, so I’ll have to show you next time I wear it.

Dress #3 – gingham!

Black and white, because the color turned out terrible in this photo, and I couldn't fix it. The green dress is made a lot like this one.

Originally, I wanted a big, swingy circle skirt for the gingham dress, but I just didn’t have enough fabric.  I’d purchased the gingham a couple years ago, wanting to make a shirtdress like one I’d seen on Kiera Knightley, but I’d never quite figured out how.  But now I have a new dress that was basically free!  (I’d bought the supplies long ago, and just dug them out of my stash, so they felt free to me!)

I’m not sure I could pick a favorite dress out of these three, but right now I’m loving the gingham one.  The green one is my eldest child – I made all my mistakes on her.  She was strong-willed, but I struggled with her until she developed into a beautiful young lady.  The coral one is my middle – somewhat easier to handle, but with adjustment problems.  And the gingham is my baby – I coddled her and fussed over her, and I had a better idea of what I was doing.  There’s also the thrill of the new, since I haven’t worn her outside of my backyard yet.  I’m excited to style her up – what’s more summery and fun than gingham?

During our shoot, Daniel kept reminding me that he’s not a photographer.  “You’re my photographer,” I said, and I really do think he’s getting better at taking my photos.  Now if only I were better at posing for them!

Have a beautiful evening!

I think I’ll stick around for many more

Friday was our anniversary – five years of marriage!  Woo!  Actually, we’re stretching the celebration across the whole weekend, since Saturday was the five-year anniversary of getting our first kitty, Stella (Yes, we got a kitten on our first full day of marriage.  It was our first joint decision as a married couple.  Priorities, people!), and today is the 8-year anniversary of our first date.  Lots to celebrate this weekend!


We’re keeping the celebration pretty low-key:  we’re trying to be frugal (something we both struggle with), and we’re trying to stick to our diet (high-protein, high-fat, low-carb).  But it’s possible to keep it simple and still enjoy special occasions, especially with meals like this:

T-bone steak with pesto shrimp and broccoli topped with Asiago...yum!

And for dessert…

Coconut chocolate chip cookies...an experimental recipe that ended up a winner.

Simple and delicious. (And in keeping with the theme of this blog, luxurious!)

I feel like our years together so far have flown by, but at the same time I feel like we’ve been together forever.  I thank God for bringing us together early in life and helping us to grow together, instead of apart.  We love each other, agree on the important stuff, encourage one another to grow and be better, and have a whole lot of fun.  We’re in it for the long haul!

And now, since I’m not sure you’ve ever seen her, and because this is her special weekend too, here is Stella.  She doesn’t photobomb my outfit pictures the way our other kitties do.  She’s a little shy.

Pretty girl.

We love her. 🙂

We wish you a wonderful Sunday!

He Wears His Sunglasses at Night

Happy Sunday!  Daniel and I went to Goodwill yesterday and did a bit of thrifting.  I found a dress and some shoes (which you’ll see soon!) and he found a pair of big ol’ sunglasses for $2 and thought it would be funny to buy them and take lots of pictures.  He was right.

You can also see that Daniel is sporting a moustache in observation of Moustache March. He looks like a cop from 1985 in this picture.

In this picture, you can also see the "I've been Krogering!" smiley face sticker on my pants. Hey, when you spend your Saturday evening at the grocery store, you have to find some way to entertain yourself.

Yesterday was sunny and not terribly cold, and I wanted to look nice and springy and casual.

I threw a bunch of colors into this outfit.  My bag is patchwork, my top has corals, greens, blues, and yellows, and the belt is red, pink, orange, and white.  I mainly accessorized with shades of blue and coral.  Even though there are so many colors going on here, I think it works because it’s all anchored by neutrals: dark denim and tan.  I don’t feel like I looked like a rainbow (which I have been guilty of in the past – I can remember one particular outfit in high school that consisted of tons of colors haphazardly thrown together – but alas, there’s no photographic evidence of this).

The forlorn look on my face was supposed to say "Pity me, for I've fallen in love with a rogueish, moustachioed man, and I can't help myself," but I'm not sure it does. Plus, Daniel is smiling, so he doesn't look very much like a cad.

Have a happy Sunday!  Don’t forget to wear your sunglasses!

The Return of an Old Favorite

I am behind on posting because for some reason my laptop won’t pick up our wireless network all of a sudden.  So I have to plug my computer in and sit down on the floor, and that is just not my favorite way to be online.  But I have some fun pictures from Sunday!

It’s been snowing like crazy, but we were able to make it to church on Sunday, and this is what I wore.  I got these mustard tights at New York & Company on super-clearance, and I was pretty unsure how I would wear them.  But this weekend, I found this sweater (the Old Favorite from the title, purchased at Gadzooks circa 2005 – and yes, I’m still unpacking from the move – lots of my wardrobe is still boxed up!) and decided that mustard and plum would go nicely together.  Then I threw in the mustard bag and bangle, and this awesome scarf that I found a while back.  All the yellow might be too matchy, but I have a hard time stopping myself if I happen to have several items in the same color.  Mustard is a color I would never have considered wearing a couple years ago, but now I love it and can’t seem to get enough.

I have to say, I love this outfit.  This is a risk I might not have taken before I started this blog, but I felt pretty and confident. (Daniel did make one Oompa Loompa comment, but then took it back and said he liked the tights, hehe.)

Look at the trees behind me!

Wearing peep-toes in the snow is really a very smart thing to do.

Daniel wanted his picture taken, too!  Our backyard is really quite lovely when it’s covered in snow.

We were freezing by this point.  Daniel’s such a good sport to take pictures for me out in the cold.

Enjoy these peaceful winter days!

What I Wore

Another outfit post!  Two in one day.  Here’s what I wore to church this morning:

Posing in the backyard.

Nice big picture, huh?  I mentioned in my last post that my husband and I went shopping last night.  Here’s some of the stuff I scored!  I’d been eyeing this dress at American Eagle for months, but last night I discovered that it was on clearance, plus take an extra 30% off the clearance price, plus an extra 10% off at the register.  I bought it, determined to make it work for fall/winter.  I threw on the same sweater from yesterday (get used to seeing it; I wear it all the time), some brown tights, and the fabulous vintage boots I got at Goodwill last night for $4.  They are cognac leather and they are amazing, but they are also very narrow and they barely fit me.  I was in some pain when this picture was taken.  I can definitely put up with them for just a few hours at a time, though.

You also saw the bag and the bracelets yesterday.  I decided to roll with a vintagey theme today, and so I wore the locket my grandparents (Nan-Nan and Pap-Paw, of course) got for me when I was a baby:

My lovely locket. I will have to remember to use the macro setting next time.

And I wore the signet ring also given to me by my Nan-Nan.  It belonged to my great-grandmother, whose name was Letha, so it has a lovely L (though you can’t see it here):


My ring!

I also picked up a vintage trench at Goodwill for $3:


My new trench.

I’m pretty pleased with it!  It’s in really good condition.  At some point, I might replace the buttons and buckles to give it a bit more oomph, but I’m not sure yet.  I’d been wanting a trench for a long time, and I found one at Goodwill, so I’m pretty pumped.

I might be back later to post about something possibly non-outfit related, but we’ll see.  Until next time, have a great Sunday!


Daniel and I wish you a happy Sunday!

  • Dress, American Eagle clearance
  • Brown sweater, Gabriel Brothers
  • Tights, Wal*Mart
  • Boots, vintage, Goodwill
  • Trench, vintage, Goodwill
  • Antique signet ring, Nan-Nan
  • Diamond earrings, gift from Daniel
  • All other accessories are the same as yesterday! (Too lazy to add links I added in the previous post, haha.)