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Dress Your Best #3

Yesterday, I dressed to highlight the part of me I’m probably most familiar with: my face. The color and neckline of my blouse frame it nicely, I think. I pulled all of my hair back, which is something I almost never do because, somewhere along the way, I got the idea that it makes my face look huge. Well, it doesn’t. I should pull it back more often.

I read once that the more you look at a part of yourself in the mirror, the more comfortable you become with it. Years of applying makeup and fixing my hair mean that I’ve looked at my face in the mirror a lot. I know its peaks and valleys intimately.

My face does have some quirks. I have a scar right in the middle of my forehead that I got from jumping into a TV stand when I was about eight. (I was aiming for my cousin.) And yet, though it’s clearly visible in many of my photos, it’s not something I’m very conscious of anymore. I have to remind myself that it’s there. One thing that I do notice in my photos, but not as much in the mirror, is the slight asymmetry of my eyes and eyebrows. I cannot purposely cock an eyebrow to save my life, yet I often look as if I’m raising my right one. I’m not judging you, I promise!

I’ve battled with breakouts for years now, and I’ve recently stepped up my skincare regimen. I’ve been trying to wash my makeup off every night, no matter how tired I am. Being vigilant about cleansing and applying benzoyl peroxide and moisturizer is slowly but surely improving the quality of my skin.

I used to want blue eyes more than anything, but now I love my distinct brand of hazel. (The person I know whose eye color is most like mine is not a family member, but my very best friend. Isn’t that odd? I think it’s a sign that we’re soul mates.) I love the shape of my eyebrows.  I love my cheeks – they’re exactly like my beautiful grandmother’s. I love my smile. And as a makeup junkie, I love that I can use my face as a canvas for a rainbow of colors.

My face has character. What’s the saying about getting the face you deserve when you’re old? I hope when I’m an old woman, my face is the face of a gracious, kind woman who has laughed and loved with all her heart.

God has blessed me by having compassion on me.


Dress Your Best #2

Another Dress Your Best day. Today, I am celebrating my overall body shape.

One of the reasons I love my shape so much is because it’s like my mom’s. I am of medium height (around 5’6″), and my mom is pretty short (about 5’1″). I look like a giant next to her, not even kidding. And yet our bodies are shaped almost exactly alike. Take my mom, scale her up a bit, and you get me.

Though I am constantly in a state of wanting to shape up and feeling disappointed in my lack of fitness, I think I have a pretty great frame. My wrists and ankles are small. I’m not a classic hourglass, since I’m a bit bigger on the bottom than on the top, but I have a defined waist, and I love to punctuate it with fitted tops, full skirts, and belts.

I love this dress, which I think I will nickname The Poppy Dress. It’s bright, it has a retro feel, and I got it on clearance at Macy’s for something like $13, I think. But the best part is that it fits and flares in all the right places, and I feel amazing in it.

God has blessed me by giving me times of reflection.

Dress Your Best #1

I am participating in Dress Your Best 2011! I love the body-positive message this challenge sends, and I hope that by highlighting some of my favorite things about myself, I can boost my confidence a bit.

First up on my list is a feature that I have a dramatic relationship with: my hair. It’s been all shades of blonde, all shades of brown, and a few shades of red throughout the years. It’s been short, long, straight, curly, wavy, fringed, and fringeless. I joke that I have no trouble committing to a man, but can never commit to a hairstyle for long.  A few of my previous styles:

I’ve recently decided to ditch shampoo, in the hopes that I can rock my natural curls/waves more often, and that my hair will bounce back from some of the damage I’ve done to it with chemicals and heat. I’m also trying to grow it out. I’m still transitioning, but I have to say that I’m coming out of a long period of feeling  not so hot about my hair to feeling like it looks pretty good. Today, I dressed to highlight my locks.

All of the fiddling I’ve done with my hair for the past several years has resulted in my realizing that I feel the most “me” when I have longer, dark blonde, wavy locks. As weird as it may sound, I think a lot of my hair experiments have been the result of feeling less-than-good about myself, particularly my weight. I can’t drop 20 pounds instantly, but I can buy a box of hair color, or head to the salon, or hack into my own bangs and have a new look in 30 minutes. A part of me really loves being fearless with my hair – people are often shocked by how willing I am to change it. Another part of me, though, is ready to stop running from my insecurities and settle into a comfortable style for a bit.

I’m pretty close to my natural color at this point, with some highlights. I’ve always found that blue seems to work best with my natural coloring, and I felt bright and fresh today. I did not get any full-body pictures of this outfit, which I wore to Daniel’s ten-year class reunion (!), but just picture a denim skirt and cute sandals. It was perfect for the low-key festivities.

So what about you? Do you change your hair with your emotions, like me, or have you stuck with what works for you?

God has blessed me with amazing friends.