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Pretty petals

When Target released their Liberty of London collection in the spring, I became a little stalkerish.  I’m a sucker for floral prints, and I knew I needed just a bit of this collection.  Daniel and I stopped in to a Target in Miami, and there was a pretty full display of the LOL stuff.  I was surprised; I’ve read that many times, the displays get wiped out the first day a new designer collection is released!  So I chose a few things right then and there (a wallet and a dress), and later, when the collection went on super-clearance, I picked up a few more pieces (some sandals and a scarf).  Since I’ve never shared those items here, I present them to you now, along with some real flowers from my new flowerbeds!

I’m proud of my new plants!


In full bloom

My mom and I planted my flowerbeds today, and I’m so excited!  Tuesday, we weeded (the beds were really grown over), and today we actually got to plant.  In addition to flowers, I also planted some herbs, which are visible in my outfit pictures from today!

My arms are darker than my legs because I wore old jeans and a tank to plant the flowers...should've slapped some bronzer on my legs!

You can see some basil and some parsley there.  I’m so excited to be growing my own herbs!

I found this dress in a boutique a few years ago.  It’s old, though I have no idea how old, and I believe it’s handmade.  I shied away from wearing this dress for a while because the pattern is pretty bold, but I guess I’m a little bolder now, too!  It even has a cute little pocket, and dresses with pockets always win extra points.

This evening, after the gardening, Daniel and I went out to buy a wedding present for some friends of ours, and I also got some pretty fabric for a new dress.  Hopefully soon I can show you the one I’ve been working on (altering, altering, altering)!

Well, I’m so tired that my eyes are crossing.  Gardening wears me out!  Maybe tomorrow I’ll show you my flowerbeds.