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Things I have done in the past 72 hours…

I work in public education, so I still get a summer break. Lucky me! We’ve been pretty busy visiting family and friends, but for the past few days, we’ve stayed home, and I’ve kept pretty busy. No, not with housework. Don’t be silly. (Well, maybe just a little housework.) Mostly, though, I’ve done things that are way more fun:

  • I sewed a new dress and finished some other sewing UFOs.
  • I colored my hair. Don’t worry, I’m not going back on what I said about my hair a few posts ago. I’m still trying to embrace my natural color, and I needed to just slightly darken and even out my color.
  • I CUT MY OWN HAIR. Oh yes I did. Not just my bangs, either. I was in desperate need of a trim, and after watching a few YouTube tutorials, I decided I was ready. I really just shaped up the cut I have. I think I did a fine job. It feels about a million times better than it did.
  • I gave myself a pinup girl makeover while trying out this hair tutorial which I first saw here. I think it looks pretty cute while you’re waiting for your curls to set! Here’s a look at how it turned out this morning, when I took it down:Pretty!
  • I applied mehndi. I’ve had this kit for almost a year, waiting for a good time to try it. Once I started, I kind of got carried away and just kept doodling on my arm. I really love how it turned out, actually!
  • I worked out pretty hard yesterday. My arms and legs are sore and noodly today.  Woo!

It’s been an experimental few days. I’m blessed to have the time to goof around like this. It’s time to get serious now, though. I’m off to do laundry and pack for our anniversary weekend trip to Cleveland!

God has blessed me with time to relax.


Dress Your Best #1

I am participating in Dress Your Best 2011! I love the body-positive message this challenge sends, and I hope that by highlighting some of my favorite things about myself, I can boost my confidence a bit.

First up on my list is a feature that I have a dramatic relationship with: my hair. It’s been all shades of blonde, all shades of brown, and a few shades of red throughout the years. It’s been short, long, straight, curly, wavy, fringed, and fringeless. I joke that I have no trouble committing to a man, but can never commit to a hairstyle for long.  A few of my previous styles:

I’ve recently decided to ditch shampoo, in the hopes that I can rock my natural curls/waves more often, and that my hair will bounce back from some of the damage I’ve done to it with chemicals and heat. I’m also trying to grow it out. I’m still transitioning, but I have to say that I’m coming out of a long period of feeling  not so hot about my hair to feeling like it looks pretty good. Today, I dressed to highlight my locks.

All of the fiddling I’ve done with my hair for the past several years has resulted in my realizing that I feel the most “me” when I have longer, dark blonde, wavy locks. As weird as it may sound, I think a lot of my hair experiments have been the result of feeling less-than-good about myself, particularly my weight. I can’t drop 20 pounds instantly, but I can buy a box of hair color, or head to the salon, or hack into my own bangs and have a new look in 30 minutes. A part of me really loves being fearless with my hair – people are often shocked by how willing I am to change it. Another part of me, though, is ready to stop running from my insecurities and settle into a comfortable style for a bit.

I’m pretty close to my natural color at this point, with some highlights. I’ve always found that blue seems to work best with my natural coloring, and I felt bright and fresh today. I did not get any full-body pictures of this outfit, which I wore to Daniel’s ten-year class reunion (!), but just picture a denim skirt and cute sandals. It was perfect for the low-key festivities.

So what about you? Do you change your hair with your emotions, like me, or have you stuck with what works for you?

God has blessed me with amazing friends.

Been a long time…

It’s obviously been very quiet around here.  Life has been…well, life, with all its surprises.

Me with my baby boy. 🙂

Though you wouldn’t know it from the frequency of my posts lately, I do love having this space.  Maybe I’m not cut out to be a terribly consistent blogger, but I enjoy posting and the interactions I am sometimes lucky enough to have with other bloggers.  There are things in my life lately that have taken my attention away from my little corner of the internet, and to get you all nice and updated, here they are, in bullet form (because I like it):

  • Daniel (my husband) is going to law school this fall!  We found out earlier this year that his position was being terminated and that he had a few months to figure out what to do, and so he applied to law school, which he’d been thinking about for years, and he got in!  I’m so excited for him.
  • Work is crazy busy for me right now.
  • I have been sewing dresses like mad, and loving every moment of it.  Except, you know, those moments when I make a mistake and have to get out the seam ripper.  Hopefully I can show you some of my final products soon.
  • We have started riding bikes.  I have started being sore.
  • I have been writing some fiction.
  • Like so many other lovely people out there, I have kicked shampoo to the curb.  This isn’t the first time; I was briefly poo-free in early 2007 and then again last spring, but I’ve never been able to keep it up very long.  I always end up using some product in my hair that I need sulfates to remove.  I’m really trying this time, though.  It’s been a week and a half.  I’m also trying to grow out my hair and transition it back to my natural color (dark blonde).
  • I’m on a mission to become as healthy as possible.  I’m trying to get my diet and exercise routine straightened out, I’m trying to give up pop and other chemical-y stuff, and I’m trying to take vitamins every day like a good girl.  I’m never good at sustaining such things for very long, but I’m definitely trying.
  • I am nerdily being enthralled by Game of Thrones.  Read the series, yo.
Watch for me.  I’ll be back soon. 🙂
God has blessed me by giving me opportunities.

Bear with me…

…for I’ve just discovered picnick.

You might be wondering where I’ve been.  Well, I’ve been doing lots of fun things (making plans with friends and family, attending an English department reunion, watching Mad Men marathons with my mom) and some not-so-fun things (cleaning house, feeling exhausted).  Today is the first day I’ve felt like taking pictures in a while, and I figured I’d fancy them up a bit.

I’m in the mood for spring.  Can you tell?  I’m also rocking some curls, because I bought some Organix Moroccan Oil, not really expecting it to do anything other than soften my hair, and all of a sudden I had crazy curls and volume.  My hair is naturally curly, but I am extremely noncommittal when it comes to my hair, as evidenced by the disappearing and reappearing bangs and the rainbow of colors I’ve tried.  I do get excited, though, when a product works with my hair’s natural texture.  Curly hair just felt right with my slightly romantic ensemble today.

  • Dress, Forever XXI
  • Cardigan, New York & Company
  • Trousers, Old Navy
  • Shoes, Forever XXI

God has blessed me by being patient with me.

Outfit #11

Subpar pictures today, since my photographer is working late and I was taking these pictures during the last few minutes of the 9-hour limit these shoes impose on my feet.

Things I learned about this skirt today:

  1. It is prone to ride up.
  2. It is about a size too small.
  3. It has a slit in the back that cuts up a little too high.  But it is also…
  4. Beautiful, or at least I think so, and so I’m sure I’ll keep struggling with it.

For whatever reason, I am having a hard time putting effort into my hair for two days at a time.  The thought of bangs exhausted me today (I have to train myself not to constantly push them aside), and so I just pinned them to the side, like they always told me to do in Seventeen magazine if I wanted to grow out my bangs.  Except I’m not ready to grow these ones out; I just needed them to stay out of my way today.  I seem to be confusing my coworkers, who keep commenting on my disappearing and reappearing fringe. Yesterday, someone (a teenage boy) told me that I’ve “taken 20 years off” by getting bangs.  So either I look 4 now, or I looked 44 before.  It was such a weird, awkward compliment.

Also, I somehow forgot to wear blush today.

  • Sweater, Gadzooks
  • Scarf, Gabriel Brothers
  • Skirt, New York & Company
  • Tights (they’re forest green, honest!), DKNY via Gabriel Brothers
  • Shoes, Alfani

Outfit #6

Yesterday was a pretty great day.  Daniel and I headed to my dad’s house for a big spaghetti dinner with my extended family.  It was the first time we’d all been together since Christmas, and there was lots of good food and conversation.  Here’s what I wore:

I love the combination of this coral sweater with my trusty old plum one.  I blogged about it here almost exactly a year ago.  I’ve had it for over five years, and I keep coming up with ways to wear it so that it feels fresh to me.  I know this would have looked better if I’d worn shoes with a heel, but I knew I’d be spending the most of the evening in my socks anyway, so I didn’t sweat my footwear choice.

I fixed my hair yesterday!  I got tons of compliments, and my stepbrother said that I looked like an oldschool lady rocker.  He assured me that was a compliment.

  • Plum sweater, Gadzooks circa 2005
  • Coral sweater, Forever XXI circa 2009
  • Jeans, Gabriel Brothers
  • Boots, Chinese Laundry

Suited Up (Outfit #5)

Today I wanted a menswear-inspired look.  I realized that I could do a fun take on a suit with items in my 30.

I don’t think I ever would have paired these items if not for this challenge.  Even though the outfit is entirely composed of neutrals, I don’t normally mix brown, gray, tan, and khaki.  I like it, though.  I felt pretty clever all day in my 3-piece suit.

So, last night, after browsing the blogs of some lovely, stylish girls, I decided that I once again needed some bangs.  Some blogger bangs.  I went into my bathroom and contemplated for a few minutes before digging through my makeup bag to find the scissors I keep on hand for just such occasions.  And then I totally hacked into my bangs.  I feel kind of bad, because I just got a haircut last week, but I’ve just been so bored with my hair and I phone it in nearly every single day.  Instead of styling the rest of my hair, though, I pulled it into a ponytail.  I slept in too late to really do much else.  Maybe tomorrow I’ll put in a little more effort.

So what about you?  Do you ever just need a change?  Am I alone in reaching for the scissors, or for a box of hair color?

  • Top, New York & Co.
  • Vest, Forever XXI
  • Blazer, New York & Co. via Gabriel Brothers
  • Trousers, New York & Co.
  • Shoes, Alfani ( I took the time to look at them today.)