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Flower Power

While I love the snow and think it’s beautiful, I think I’ve been coming down with a bit of spring fever.  Specifically, I just can’t seem to get enough flowers in my life.  On Wednesday, after a conference in a different city, I headed to the mall.  I bought two t-shirts, a cardigan, and some jewelry, and each item features a floral motif.  I did also buy one cardigan that has more of a nautical theme, but other than that, it was flowers all the way.

Quick aside: There are, sadly, no pictures of my conference outfit, though I think it was really cute.  I was rear-ended on the way home, and it was a long, crazy, evening, and so by the time I got home I was just tired and wilted.  Here’s a picture I did take, pre-accident, so you can kind of see what I’m wearing:

That's a new dress, and a flower pin that I made myself!

So anyway, here’s yesterday’s work outfit:

Closeup of the sweet rosebud print of this cardigan, my self-made earrings, and the cute new bracelet I got at Aerie.

Not a perfect outfit, but I just love this little cardigan so much.  It feels like flannel.

More of my floral inspiration:

The lovely flowers my stepdad got me for Valentine's Day. This picture was taken last night, and they still look amazing!

The beautiful hydrangeas I saw in the grocery store. Someday, I want my yard to be bursting with these.

Do you have spring fever, too?


Happy New Year!

Well, it has been a little while.  With the hustle and bustle of Christmas, the blog got lost in the shuffle.  But I’m here!  And I’m all about updating.

I went to New York on December 12th, and it was AMAZING. I’m in love.  I actually didn’t want to blog about it immediately because I didn’t want the magic to wear off.  New York City is incredible, and I want to go back very soon. 🙂  I didn’t get great pictures, but here’s a fun one of me and my sister in Times Square at the end of the day:

Times Square!

Christmas was also wonderful.  I got to spend it with my lovely family, and I finally got a new camera.  I’m so excited!  I hope to post more and better pictures here. Here’s one of the first pictures I took with my camera on Christmas morning:

Merry Christmas!

My weight-loss has halted, and in fact, some gain has happened.  But!  I am moving on.  The holidays are over, so no more excuses, and I can pick up where I left off.  No big deal, and no sense beating myself up over it.

In other news, I’ve found some beauty inspiration in the form of Rachel McAdams in Sherlock Holmes.  Rachel is always an inspiration to me, and I loved her makeup in this movie (though my cousin said he thought she looked deathly pale). Observe:

Rachel McAdams as Irene Adler


In some scenes, her makeup is more dramatic, which I also loved.  (Go see this movie, if you haven’t!  It’s awesome!)

Lately, my own makeup has been pretty heavy on the eyeshadow, and I’ve been creating smoky eyes with a variety of colors (mostly brown).  My method has been to pile on the eyeshadow until it looks like too much, and then, pile on some more.  I find that I normally stop myself short of doing anything that really stands out with my eyes unless I consciously put more on than I normally would. Here’s a shot of me on New Year’s Eve wearing lots of makeup, bling, and bright colors.  I didn’t go anywhere other than my parents’ house, but I just felt like getting all sparkled up:

When else can you wear glitter mascara, crazy feather earrings, and tons of sequins? That's possibly the best part of New Year's Eve.

So anyway, that’s about all I have for you tonight.  I have been crafting again, so I’ll have to share some new creations with you soon.