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When I was younger, seventeen seemed like some weird in-between age.  At seventeen, you were so much older than sixteen, and nearly eighteen and an adult; it’s amazing how each age has so much significance when you’re young.  It’s like there’s a world of difference between each year.    And the number seventeen also makes me think of this song.  Which I like, but it’s kind of a downer.

Not a downer: today’s outfit!

I built this whole ensemble around the necklace, which is made of lovely amber beads.  You know, I’m normally a girl who goes for high-waisted silhouettes, but this has a lower waist, and I kind of love it.  I think I look nicely proportional in this.  The blouse is actually a dress, by the way – the same one I wore here.  I love remixing.  This challenge has been so good for me.

I also want to share that I knit a hat!  (Just want to point out here that online sources differ as to whether the past tense of “knit” is “knit” or “knitted;”  I’m going with the former.)  It’s the very first hat I’ve ever knit, and only my fifth finished piece of knitting.  I’ve crocheted since I was sixteen or so, and I taught myself how quite easily, but knitting has been much harder for me to grasp.  I’ve picked it up and put it down several times, but about two months ago, I tried again and it started making sense!  I really wanted a hat, so I picked what I thought looked like a simple pattern, knit flat and seamed.  I modified things a bit, and it ended up turning out way bigger than the pattern hat, but that’s great for me, since I wanted it to be slouchy!

It’s purple!

I’m quite pleased with myself.  I keep telling Daniel to look at it.

  • Dress (as blouse), Libertine for Target
  • Vest, Forever XXI
  • Skirt, Target
  • Necklace, Forever XXI
  • Tights, New York & Company
  • Boots, Chinese Laundry
  • Hat, ME!