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What I Wore

Hello there!  So exciting, my first outfit post.  Yesterday I met my fabulous friend Erin for lunch.  Here’s what I wore:


What I wore for lunch with Erin.

This is a pretty terrible picture, I know.  The husband wasn’t around to take it, so I set my self-timer and put the camera on the bookshelf.  I didn’t even get the shoes in the picture!  Here they are:



Another not-so-great picture.  I got these shoes at Target on clearance a while back, and decided to ignore the fact that they’re about a size too big.  I think they have a very Seventies, Love Story vibe.



Confession time – that mustard bag?  My friend Caroline totally had it first.  I loved hers when I saw her at the end of the summer, and searched high and low for a different fabulous bag with a similar pop of autumn color.  I finally just gave up.  I loved the bag too much.  It’s not a problem, really, since we’re not together often, and I’ll just carry a different bag when we are.  The pouches are currently living in the bag, but I carry them by themselves sometimes.  I can’t decide if I like that look or not.  Those bracelets (actually necklaces) were given to me by my Nan-Nan (grandmother) on Thanksgiving.  They’d been in the box of play costume jewelry for as long as I can remember, and when all of the great-grandchildren were playing with the jewelry, I absently just wrapped these around my wrist.  I liked the effect, and so did my Nan-Nan, because she told me to take them with me.  Thanks, Nan-Nan!  (She is incredibly stylish and beautiful.)

And here is a picture of my face, so you can see a little of what was going on there:


Taking pictures of yourself in your car in the parking lot of a restaurant while you wait for your friend is cool.

So that’s pretty much it.  Already this blog is helping me to look critically at my wardrobe and evaluate my choices.  Overall, I like the color combinations here.  I felt pretty good in this outfit, and more importantly, I had a nice lunch with a friend I don’t see often enough.  This was followed by an evening of shopping with the husband (I changed slightly for that, but no pictures – sorry!) where I picked up some new pieces that I’ll show you in the next post…

  • Teal sweater, Rue 21 (I think…it’s a few years old and I don’t remember) clearance
  • Brown sweater, Gabriel Brothers
  • Jeans, Calvin Klein (at Sam’s Club) (no link because I don’t see these on their website)
  • Heels, Target clearance
  • Mustard bag, Target
  • Metallic pouches, Hollywood Intuition at Target
  • Earrings, Gabriel Brothers
  • Necklaces (as bracelets), my awesome Nan-Nan
  • Garnet ring, Ohio Amish Country (I know, right?)
  • Wedding band
  • Diamond band my mom found many years ago
  • Nails, Cover Girl Pixie Pink with China Glaze Matte Magic topcoat